InspectHomes is one of metro Louisville, KY’s leading home inspection companies.

It has been in business longer than home inspectors have been licensed in Kentucky.  InspectHomes reports stand out for dozens of reasons, from thoroughness and care to color photos beside each comment.  InspectHomes delivers emailed (or hardcopy) inspection reports with details about the systems and components of your home.

All home inspectors are licensed in Kentucky. The licensing rules set out the basic bare minimums for every home inspection, and every home inspection report. The real question is how much more you get. Home inspections are a very big deal when buying a home.  Get your house inspected today.

InspectHomes is the “Gold Standard” in home inspections. That’s as good as it gets in home inspecting. You know we will not be the only home inspectors to tell you we’re good. We also know there is more than one good home inspector in the world.  The “Gold Standard” means your InspectHomes inspection and report is as good as it gets.

You can schedule a home inspection right now. You can schedule your home inspection any day of the week. If time is tight, you can schedule a home inspection for the same day you call, on most days.

In 24 hours, you’ll have the “Gold Standard” home inspection report in your hands – and on your computer, if you like. InspectHomes4U reports can be e-mailed anywhere.

It’s not just an inspection, and not just a report. It’s the service. An inspector can be there soon after you call. After you get your inspection report, you also get the staff of InspectHomes4U at your disposal. We’re here to help. There will be real people answering the phone, people who have serious home inspection backgrounds, anytime you need us – right up to the closing. And we offer online advisories on many key topics that you can download for free anytime.

When you are looking for a home inspector in Louisville, KY, InspectHomes4U is your choice.


Radon Indoor Air Testing Too. InspectHomes is the only Kentucky home inspection company with its own NRSB (“National Radon Safety Board”) accredited laboratory – so you get fast radon test results. Period. Reports also are available by e-mail as well as good ol’ “hardcopy.”

An InspectHomes inspector will never recommend you buy something from us to fix or repair anything found at your home. For that reason, an InspectHomes inspector will report termite damage seen during the inspection, but never offer to sell you repairs, or a treatment.

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