The Home Garden & Remodeling Show opened Friday (3/1) at the Kentucky Expo Center South Wing.
    The parking lot was pretty jammed when the doors opened, and it never let up!
    The show was jammin’ too!
    If you’re thinking your home needs some TLC, all the TLC in Louisville is here, under one roof.
    Here’s where you can put your hands on it.  This is no museum.  Touching, lifting, checking things out is expected.  Invited.  Really wanted.  You can comparison show for real here.  There were coupons, discounts, and drawing everywhere you looked.
    Dean Tatum-Johns was manning the CertaPro Painters booth.  He and his crew do some  of the top work out there, bar none.  They’re handing out a few issues of “Envision” magazine, loaded with new ideas to get home well dressed.  It’s worth the trip by itself. Herschel Graber of Graber Insulators was on hand at a double booth on the end of a center row, with samples of his latest foam.  We were impressed.  Perry Pryor was behind the Thompson HVAC counter.  Dwayne Bowling manned the Raven booth, the place to go for window washing and roof maintenance.  He’s got 5 years under his belt now and looks to be heading to the top.
    Really there were more pros than we could count.  Foundation repair, waterproofing, concrete lifting?  Every major outfit in the region was there.  Ponds, gardens, pools or tools?  You’re in thick.  You might not believe some of the exhibits they built.  Awesome.  One with a flame lighting up the center of a pond with waterfalls at two sides!  Windows and doors? Wine cellars and wood stoves?  You’re covered. Kitchens? Marble, granite, and ironwork?  Firepits?  Decks?  Even elevators?  Yup.  All there.  Even furniture, carpets, and pet supplies? Present and accounted for.  Oh, did we mention about a couple dozen big homebuilders and remodelers, along with even more landscapers just happened to be there too?
    Heck, even Costco; the City of Louisville — in a seriously HUGE booth, featuring top city attractions; UK’s College of Agriculture, LG&E, and even the Code & Regulations crew all had booths too.
    This is an annual wonderland for tapping into the latest for homes. Get there before the last day, March 3.  Info at www.LouisvilleHomeShow.com.
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